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it’s a mad mad mad mad mad… – a comic with carl thompson

After considering multiple approaches to an essay with far too many topics, I finally settled on this:

mad_color001 mad_color002 mad_color003

as first seen on The New Sincerity.

art by Carl Thompson of http://www.carlthompsonart.com and http://carlthompson.tumblr.com/


whiskey bar – a comic with carl thompson

inspired by a true event:

Whiskey Bar

art by carl thompson of http://www.carlthompsonart.com and http://carlthompson.tumblr.com/

co-starring Conley Lowrance, a new New Yorker of New Sincerity fame.

reputations – a comic

Just as I finished The New American Splendor Anthology, a copy of Eddie Campbell’s Alec: The Years Have Pants omnibus arrived at my door. I had no choice but make a sketchy autobio comic between reads.





Ink/Digital/Sharpie/Scotch Tape

SG, 2013.


my snobbery is killing me: the comic

So maybe you’re wondering why the hell I haven’t posted anything since August.  Odds are you aren’t, but for the record, it’s because:

1) I have a job, you bum.

2) I write comics, and my current project BFD keeps getting longer and more stressful the more I write it.  (Who woulda thought?)

3) I find that while expressing my ideas in the essay/blog post form works pretty well, I really think in terms of comics, and turning my ideas into comics like the one below is a better use of my time (though arguably a better use of time for artists).

Scotty_Journal_color001_905 Scotty_Journal_color002_905

As first seen on The New Sincerity.

Art by Carl Thompson of carlthompsonart.com and carlthompson.tumblr.com