my snobbery is killing me: the comic

So maybe you’re wondering why the hell I haven’t posted anything since August.  Odds are you aren’t, but for the record, it’s because:

1) I have a job, you bum.

2) I write comics, and my current project BFD keeps getting longer and more stressful the more I write it.  (Who woulda thought?)

3) I find that while expressing my ideas in the essay/blog post form works pretty well, I really think in terms of comics, and turning my ideas into comics like the one below is a better use of my time (though arguably a better use of time for artists).

Scotty_Journal_color001_905 Scotty_Journal_color002_905

As first seen on The New Sincerity.

Art by Carl Thompson of and



  1. mumblesmcjenkins

    I really like the comic…nice art, good story (made me think of Adrian Tomine a little which is a compliment in my book), but it made me want to ask some advice. I’m new to posting things here, and haven’t quite gotten the hang of it. How do you get your comic to show up that size? Most of mine I’ve had to put the text at something like 30 pt just to make it readable. I’ve been posting them as photos…maybe that’s the dumbest way to do it, but like I said, I’m fairly new at this. I know this probably isn’t the best way to ask, and if asking something like this in a comment is some kind of WP faux pas, then let me know. Not really sure how to send anything privately, though. For someone posting on the internet, I’m pretty much a luddite.
    Anyway, I like what I’ve seen of your stuff so far and I’ll be reading through the archives when I get a chance.

    • scottygillmer

      Thanks dude! I’ve added my comic and other images to posts just by using the “Add Media” feature at the top when you start writing a new post. I’ve never had problems with file size or anything, but those comics were pretty high res photos to begin with.

      Don’t worry about this being a faux-pas or whatever. I’m a pretty serious Luddite too.

      • mumblesmcjenkins

        Yeah, I have to say I felt pretty stupid once I figured it out. When I initially set up the blog I just picked a theme without really looking into it, then realized that different themes came with different layouts…most important of which was how big the posts were. I found one with a wide format, and presto! the comics can now be seen without squinting to read the text. They had been a decent file size, but it didn’t really matter with the original theme. So…problem solved!
        Thanks for getting back to me, though. It’s going to take a while, but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it.

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